Why Utilizing Video is Essential to Your Campaign’s Success

Affiliate Marketing – Why Utilizing Video is Essential to Your Campaign’s Success

Why should you start to incorporate video into your affiliate marketing projects? One of the factors is that it now totals up to almost 60% of all online traffic, and this is anticipated to rise to 90% by 2013. The reality is people prefer information to be presented in a visual medium. So to remain on top of the video game you had much better start making some videos.

Simply have a look at search engine result returned by Google for practically any search inquiry, you can anticipate to see at least two or three of the leading 10 results connecting to a video of some description. People enjoy to view them and the online search engine enjoy them too. Lets admit it the computer has a large screen just itching to show moving images so you must take advantage of it. It’s not as tough as you might think to start producing videos to drive traffic to your sales page. Here are a few suggestions to help you to take your piece of this rapidly growing traffic stream.

The very best type to use to promote an affiliate sales page is usually a screen capture format one. This is a kind of video where you tape-record precisely what takes place on your screen, as you do it. This is the best because you can produce product trips quickly using the item vendors website. These can be quickly used a professional screen capture program such as Camtasia studio, there are many similar programs available, however this is the very best known, do a quick web search, and you make sure to find one to fit your requirements and budget plan.

Once you have your screen capture file You will require to modify it. Your computer system may already have an editing program set up, for example windows movie maker or even something that might have been bundled with a video camera you have bought.

Now you have your tools it is simply a matter of producing your masterpiece, it should not take long. I advise you make a brief screen capture series of you using the sales or info page of the item you are promoting, you can call it a summary, or trip, of the item. Ideally it ought to follow these three phases.

1 – Introduction, welcome to my short trip of this item. In this part of the video you ought to Introduce yourself to your audience and describe what you are going to display in your video.

2 – Body of the production. Here you need to show the actual product, and offer a tour of its functions and benefits.

3 – Call to action. In this part you are going to move your viewer towards making that purchase. Notify them where they can get the item. Embed a link into the screen, or point to, or tell them where they will discover a link to the item page. To put it simply what action they need to take to purchase the item.

You might want to modify these stages depending upon your product, however your video should basically follow this overview. It just stays now to publish the finished product to different video sites like youtube.com etc. There are actually hundreds of them, a fast search will offer you lots to submit to. Then simply watch the traffic roll in. Good luck with your affiliate marketing promotions, you will soon see how indispensable video will end up being in your traffic arsenal.